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Well I've never actually used this feature but thought I would update on upcoming events and my status and what not.

I am currently sitting at my desk at work turning pikachu ears right-side out (it's a really SLLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW day) seriously the fact that my boss is acknowledging he has nothing for me to do and is allowing me to do this in front of him, it's a little depressing.  Ugh clients get back to me faster!!

anyway it means I am getting stock made. I have pretty much finished 30 set of Umbreon (10 yellow, 10 shiny blue, 5 alt. pink, and 5 alt. green). At the moment working on 30 pairs of pikachu as well as doing 10 pichu at the same time. Next I will be making 20 pairs of shinx and 10 pairs of luxrayluxio. I plan on making 10 each of everything I have previously made (except the flying miny bunny ears) and have at least those ready for my next convention that I will have a table at which will be

Another Anime Con ( which is Oct. 14-16 in Nashua, NH. I also submitted a request for Kotoricon which is in NJ and will be attempting to get into Katsukon, as well as hopefully getting into Anime Boston again this year.

I will be at one of the tables just outside the artist alley in the hallway for Another Anime Con.

In addition to what I previously made I will be making matching tails for some of the eevee evolutions as there was numerous requests. If nothing else definitely umbreon, possibly leafeon.

I will also be adding some new stuff when (or if I get the chance)
5th generation pokemon
Minccino (possibly the shiny of this too as its really cute, look it up)
Zorua (the shiny of this is really cute too)

other possible additional pokemon
zubat (this set would have wings if I could figure out a good way to make them)

and other non-pokemon sets such as
Kero-beros (this one would also have wings)
cat set (based on ccs battle costume)

have any suggestions or requests?

I am working at a feverish pace (and my boss just handed me some actual work) So wish me luck that I get it all done before AAC.
See you there!
pics of stuff should be coming up soon.